This is the 24k Gold roses serum, the most famous and most loved product of all time. We will talk about this a little today!

Usually, Asian skin tends to be dry and dull and a lot of cakey when makeup is applied.

Main Purpose:

The main purpose of this serum was to help you guys to get a very glowing makeup look.

This serum can also be used as a moisturizer before makeup.


Only by applying 2-3 drops of this serum on your face before applying the makeup, you will have the most flawless foundation finish.

People with oily skin think that this serum will make their skin even more oily, but that’s not true, your skin will absorb this instantly and will give you a very glowing look!


People with dry skin tell us that their skin after applying this 24k gold serum doesn’t feel dry anymore. This product is not only made for people with dry skin, but people having oily skin also loves this product.

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