Yet another song that has become the talk of the town is Coke Studios latest release sung by Fariha Pervez. This song, Balma has been beautifully sung by our legendary singer Fariha Pervez.

The song is a ‘thumri’ which means Romantic Song and it starts with a melodious sargam. The song is a true depiction of love and affection with the beloved. It shows that there is no peace and tranquility without the beloved. The lyrics have expressed the lack of satisfaction in a broken heart.

Fariha Pervez has been a part of the Coke Studio journey earlier in the previous seasons, and with a appearance like this, she has utterly stunned the audience who have been left in a state of mind after her romantically sung Balma.

The song has managed to get 217,365 views on YouTube ever since it has been released. Also, the attire worn by Ms Pervez shows the cultural insight of a true Pakistani woman for whom the beloved, which in this case is Balma, is extremely important.

Stay tuned for more Coke Studio updates.

Javeria Fahad (27-11-19)