Baji Bombastic? Is she unheard? Did you know who she is?

Let me answer it for you. Baji Bombastic is the currently trending youtuber and Instagram comedian. An extremely talented girl from Lahore University of Management Sciences commonly known as LUMS.



Sheherzade Peerzada is a girl from Lahore who is portraying the character of guiltless girl, affectionate of speaking English. In her various interviews, she has shared her journey from being a normal girl to Baji Bombastic. A high-pitched girl, who has been mimicking and acting since the age of nine in front of her friends and family, was much appreciated by them throughout.


According to Sheherzade, Baji is a social annotation on our society’s obsessive attitude towards English. She shared her views on how complexed the society is in terms of speaking English. She therefore feels, it is an important topic that needs to be addressed. Expressing about how she knows the actual pronunciation of various words, but deliberately mispronouncing them just to eradicate the taboo, misconception and inferiority complex underlying our society is her agenda. Further, she finds that English is not her first language, hence, she is not bound to pronounce it the way it should be.


Did you come across her Cappuccino video that went viral? She misspelled and mispronounced the word on purpose and called it Catachinno.  Other videos like the response to Meera’s movie Baaji was entertaining too. To that she added, the producers and the entire team should have taken her consent before jumping to the conclusion and naming the movie Baaji. She also said that was her name and it had been incorrectly spelled.


Baji Bombastic has been giving us major laughter fits and bringing a message to remove the complexities from among people of our society in a beautiful manner. By speaking Urdu, considering that it is our National Language, we should take pride in it.


Also, by using unusual angles of her selfie camera, she has portrayed her bravery and audacity which most women in our society are scared to do. Our women try to use social media as a medium to represent the best of themselves.


Moreover, she has been sharing her personalized and deliberately misspelled quotes, to spread love and peace.








If you have not seen her work, please use the following link and feel aware.


Javeria Fahad (01-10-19)