Today, I want to talk about something that I really enjoy doing which is online shopping. I love to shop online and I always find really good deals as well. 

For a luxurious lifestyle – Bagallery offers an online platform for a different variety of products. They not only offers original and authentic brands product but also help the sellers to come on board who sell original brands on through their channel. You will find products of almost all the famous brands here at Bagallery. So, let’s check it out!

Pull & Bear- Bucket Bag

This is my new bag, it has handle drawstring pocket bag which is a really good quality. I had Bagallery’s bag before that I ended up setting and I just really wanted to buy another one, because I just love chic-styled and the hardware its just really good and soft.

It is such a nice, durable bag I got this bag on Bagallery – It is basically an online brand. So, the best part is that which I wanted to buy this bag I figured and wait till it goes on sale and tries to find some coupons just to bring the price even lower. So, the bad was of Rs.6400 originally and I ended up paying Rs.4500 I believe it was something like less than half of what it was normally selling for.

The way I did it is I use this website called “”, where if you go on their bags section and they’ll come up with the bags and prices and the discounted prices as well. It will show you like if it has any sales on the website it’ll show you, so I used that website a lot not only for bags but for other products as well. I love the style, its simple little zip details, its color is very very elegant, it comes in different colors like yellow and maybe white – Personally, I’m bag lover and can carry it with different dresses easily.


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