Awais Javed Photography and Cinematography is a team of talents individuals working under the leadership of Awais Javed, who happens to be the founder and CEO of the company.

Team and Location

Awais Javed’s team is a collection of talented, motivated, creative, innovative and hard working individuals with international award winning experience.They are one of the leading photographers in the twin cities, Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

The team comprises of :

  1. Awais Javed – CEO
  2. Umar Khan – Senior Artist
  3. Umair Shakil – Senior Artist
  4. Tauqeer Ahmed – Senior Artist
  5. Basit Chaudry – Senior Artist
  6. Aakash Saleem – Senior Artist
  7. Arslan Zahid – Senior Artist
  8. Hasham Saleem – Senior Artist
  9. Ali Khan – Senior Artist
  10. Murad Swan – Senior Artist

Team Awais Javed is friendly and motivated to facilitate you and make you feel at home with their services.


Awais Javed and his team uses state of the art equipment for it’s customers to preserve their memories to remember in decades to come.


Awais Javed Photography offers the following services commendably:

  1. Signature Couple Shoot
  2. Signature Even Coverage
  3. Cinematic Films

1. Signature Couple Shoot : Signature Couple Shoot includes services by Awais Javed himself accompanied by his talented team members (depending upon need).

The founder himself takes special photos using his maestro skills and techniques.

This includes, farewell shoots, getting ready sessions, bride photography, groom photography, bride and groom photography, best friend sessions, parents sessions, dinners, lunches, brunches, solo photos, bridal showers and more.

2. Signature Event Coverage: Signature Event Coverage includes services by the maestro himself along with his talented team members (depending upon need).

Awais Javed leads the team for signature event coverage and photos and videos are done under the umbrella of his guidance.

Events include, board meetings, family get-togethers, lunches and dinners, mehndis, valimas, baraats, dholkis, nikkahs, farewells and more.

3. Cinematic Films: Videos and snippets from the event are combined into a motion film to create a cinematic movie.

These typically include wedding videographies, highlights, teasers and more.


Awais Javed Photography has captured moments to reminisce for celebrities, sports persons, famous businesses, business events and more.

To have a look at some, please scroll down.


Prices at Awais Javed Photography vary with your choice and selection. However, there are three packages designed for the clients. These are and include:


Grace package costs PKR 100.000 and includes the following services:

  • Signature Bridal/ Couple Shoot by Awais Javed
  • 50 photos in storybook style album
  • Signature event coverage by Awais Javed and two senior artists
  • 120 photos in a coffee table style album
  • Three camera cinematic video with highlights


This package costs PKR 80,000 and includes:

  • Bridal/ Couple Shoot by senior artist
  • 50 photos in storybook style album
  • Event coverage by two senior artists
  • 100 photos in a coffee table style album
  • Two camera cinematic video with highlights


Bling package is their most interesting package and obviously great things sometimes come with a cost too. This package costs PKR 140,000 and includes:

  • Signature Bridal/Couple Shoot by Awais Javed
  • 50 photos storybook style album
  • Signature event coverage by Awais Javed and three senior artists
  • 120 photos coffee table style album * 2
  • Quad camera cinematic video and highlights
  • Drone/ JIB with Ariel coverage

Results and End Product

The albums and cinematic videos are made on international standards and editing is done realistically. No fake images are created and photos are not edited in a way that they lose their originality.

The albums are of good quality and they are durable, made with PVC material.

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