Asma Ul Husna by Atif Aslam has been his latest collaboration with Coke Studio in 2020. The redention of Asma ul Husna has lately become the talk of the town. Atif Aslam has never proved to be a bad choice, but with the choice of this powerful and beautifully read Asma Ul Husna ( 99 names of Allah ), he has won hearts of many more people. The video is successfully trending.

This was mesmerising and unexpepcted, especially at the time of this global pandemic and also when Pakistan is badly Covid’19 struck. This has literally been a source of peace for its listeners.

This seems to be a remake like Sami Yusuf’s Asma Ul Husna, but the video shows how deeply felt and strong the emotions Atif Aslam held inside him whilst he was reading out Allah’s beautiful names.

Atif’s very powerful vocals lend a hypnotic quality to the recitation but also, the video has been released at an apt time, with the Muslim world entering the last 10 days of Ramazan and the world at large still in the throes of the coronavirus pandemic. The anxiety and panic has put people in different situations and as this turns them into praying more to Allah, a religious statement made by Atif Aslam with such a strongly motivated video, is a winner of all hearts."This came straight from the heart," he said about his Coke Studio collaboration that is now trending on social media

This surely is not the first time, Atif has expressed his love and inclination towards our beautiful religion. Earlier, when Pakistan was all about calling out the Azan (call for prayer) at odd timings to eradicate the outburst of the Covid’19, Atif came out with his beautifully read Azan, which also gained immense fame.

Other than these, he has been openly associated with spiritual kalaams like Wohi Khuda Hai, Taajdar e Haram and more for Coke Studio.

Efforts being made by the phenomenal Atif have been successful and impeccable. Whilst in this situation of ultimate panic and chaos, it feels great to have spiritual and religious music and reads around you, rather than the typical commercial music which would not do much success and could not be well resonated.

This masterpiece by Atif Aslam in collaboration with Coke Studio has been a massive hit. The video is so motivating and emotional. The manner in which the 99 names have been recited is so honouring and full of emotions.

The recital was released on 15 May 2020 and the video received 800k views within the first 12-15 hours. It is a 3 1/2 minute long redention.

The video has been produced by none other than the former ‘Call’ Band’s Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan Aka Xulfi.

Asim Raza takes pride in directing the video. The musicians who worked for this piece of beauty have taken 24 voices from across Pakistan to produce this acapella, whilst, the choir arrangement have been made from all over the globe.

The video and recital however, gives people the motivation and encouragement to seek protection from Allah and seek His refuge especially at the time of this global pandemic.

We hope Atif Aslam keeps to give such surprises to his listeners. Please leave your reviews below! 

Javeria Fahad