Asian Wok is a Premium Fine Dining Chinese and Thai Restaurant in Islamabad town. It is located in Beverly Centre, Blue Area which is one of the most recent developments in Islamabad.

Asian Wok treats guests in such a way that you feel treated with love and respect. At Asian Wok, customers are respected and honoured.

The food is served in an orderly manner with mint margarita served the minute you enter. Soon after that you are asked to place your order. Appetizers and soups are usually served within the first 15 minutes, whereas the main courses are served in the next 15 minutes.

The food is served on hot flaming stove like bases which tend to keep the food hot and fresh. The flavours are retained and the charm isn’t lost while you eat and enjoy.

Waiting time: 

On week days, there are no advance bookings and you get your table as soon as you line up in the waiting que. There is a waiting area with heaps of electric heaters for you to feel cosy. Also, sometimes they serve green tea and mint margarita whilst you wait to be offered a table.

Food and Menu:

The menu card is designed in such a way that Chinese and Thai menu is distinguished and mentioned category wise. You can select from heaps of options available as the menu card is a thick booklet full of options.

The food is delicious with rich, authentic Chinese and Thai flavours respectively.

The menu consists of an elaborate selection of beef, poultry, fish and other seafoods, desserts, soups, noodles and much more.

Serving Size:

The serving size of each item on the menu is more than what you think of. The deep wok style dishes in which the food is served is more than enough for a group of people.

Never underestimate the amount of food you get served with. It will always be more than what you plan and expect.


The ambiance is welcoming and as soon as you enter, you are entertained and attended with utmost respect and privilege.

The welcome drinks (mint margarita) is served so you do not waste your time waiting for the food.

The set up is inspired from the Chinese and Thai culture with beautiful backdrops and interior, but keeping in mind Pakistani standards.


Staff at Asian Wok is professional and trained to serve you with the best. Not only is the service professional, but it is fast and efficient. You are served with the right order and at the right pace.

The food is served with in 15 mins of order. If appetizers are ordered, it is followed by the main course with in the next 15 mins too.


The price of each item that you order is value for money and not too high on the pocket.

If you are looking for a good dine out experience and want to satiate your taste buds with delicious Chinese and Thai food, do pay a visit to Asian Wok at Beverley Centre or Bahria Town, Islamabad.


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