Today we are going to do review of a designer clothing brand, if you are a fan of cheesy fries or donuts or mix and match of funky colors than yes you should definitely check our the designs of Arora by Roma. I think every brand has its positives and negatives so I just want to be honest with you guys. I am going to tell you what I really truly think so without further ado lets get started.

So, I am just gonna say first of all that I am a true vintage lover. The first dress i picked was a sweetheart neckline amazing sleeves also dress with a circle shirt like shape was a bit of a swing of dress. The first thing i noticed about this was the price, I was not expecting this, its super cheap and affordable they have their unique designs and prints, vibrant colors, which is what it makes it look so classy and beautiful. For everyday wear the material is very comfy and its all finished really nicely. I think its wearable and will be really nice in the summer time.

Second dress is little bit more of my style. I love the color green, I like snapping those up because yeah i think color green eye really suits e and B its totally classy in color. The material is really soft and i love the unique stylish designs of sleeves in all of their collection.

The last dress is this gorgeous black. I love the dress look and sleeves really classy and better in real life than they do online and I think the way they choose colors and designing and their products that are incredibly adorable. I really love the small details the stitching and cuts. Their designs are authentic and are kind of a modern pin-up girl kind of dress.

I would probably wear this stuff for my crossover outfits meaning that I would use these outfits into my everyday style where you can have a bit of flair and bit of your own personality coming through. I think this brand is great for that if you are into the pinup and rock-ability look and are incredibly well-made dresses for the price I mean.

Invest in these and get new stuff on regular basis, change out your wardrobe. Share your reviews below!

Share Your Review Below!