We get to know a lot of different brands and all of these designer brands are great as well as hell expensive. Recently Waliya Najib jump into the market with her innovative and artistic style and share some of their favorites. They pay attention to every single detail, so lets get started!!

These glasses are not overly branded, very simple but they are sturdy – the lenses are great!

I actually found this girls’s project, they were kind of walking around and they have their sunglasses kind of on display and I was like these just caught my eye. I was like these are so interesting and honestly, i never wore frames like this before. Just the design is really cool!

So, now for the third pair we have “I’m here for it” these are very different, these are coming out of Pakistan right clean, the color the frame its really different. They also have many other styles that are great this is just kind of the overview of the brand that you should check out and take a look, as if you want to kind of stand out from the crowd.

They are not you know like your typical like friend you cant’t buy like channel and so many.

lets go with extra fries lol i mean – “Extra” . If you are looking for really step outside the box – a bold style sunglasses, this is the brand to check out. I am really intrigued by this brand it new and basically their whole thing is you know high quality luxury products that are really well made and at a very affordable price and all of their styles are also very fashion-forward like there was nothing that i would consider tacky insofar as it was being out of date everything is very fashionable.

This particular pair “Cre’me Brule” really expose me, these are pink with some you know gold rose gold detailing and they have cute little metal cat ears poking out super cool, affordable, stylish glasses.

I hope you find this post useful if you are in the market for glasses definitely go check this brand they have tons of styles. give this brand a try! cheers.