In today’s review, I will be sharing with you guys an online store – Amnagoesshopping if you are interested in Fashion, I think you should check out!

I think this is a great store for anyone because there’s something for everybody. So many different designs and carry a lot of street brands with different price ranges. I believe that’s the best place for me to go and find anything I want from Original brands and buy real designer items.

So, if you are looking to dip your toes in that little realm of designer items then continue to read this. You can check out the details because of it’s all about the details that is what fake pieces do not have because that is why these items cost a lot, because of all the little details making sure all the stitches are perfect e.g. like Chanel, has more than 10 to 11 stitches per quilt, so I would actually count the stitches while looking for the item that I get.

Do your research is all  I am going to say because you can’t buy something and expect it to be real and then be surprised it’s not if you have kind of blindly just gone ahead and purchased it on a whim.

Below are some of my favorite items listed with a price, you can check their Instagram page and share your reviews with us.

Steve Madden clutch   — Rs. 3950


Ted Baker cufflinks  — Rs. 4900


Victoria secret (bombshell & lotion set) — Rs. 5990


Massimo Dutti men watch — Rs. 12800 


Zara — Rs. 4500 

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