Ak_Collection is an online jewelry brand, that provides the following:


  1. Ear Rings
  2. Bracelet  (Traditional, Casual)
  3. Necklace (Chokar Set, Maala Set, Necklace Set)
  4. Rings (Ring Set, Single Ring)
  5. Anklet
  6. Jhoomar
  7. Maatha Pati
  8. Teeka

We all know without wearing good jewelry our outfits are dull and kind of lack that little extra spice to it. so, I searched online and I was like – Okay, where can you find good jewelry and I know all the big brands like Tessoro, Pandora and all the expensive brands but I didn’t know little tiny like little brands that are reasonable and of tremendous designs. So, I searched and searched and searched and its really really hard to find really preferable online brand for jewelry – so I have come with this brand, Ak_collection by Zahra Hassan.

In this brand, we have so much jewelry we have an awesome collection of necklaces, earrings and a lot of stuff. So let’s get right into it.


Prices start from (1500 to 5,000) Pkr which is super reasonable with their marvelous design pieces.

This kind of Kundan Multilayer Maala – necklace is so popular right now, this shade and they just kind of amped it up by putting little pearls at the top. This is nice and heavy and it’s really impressive, good quality, love the shape, love where it lands on your chest. You can layer this necklace, it’s absolutely stunning.












Next, we have these Trendy Jhumkas of Price 700 Rs  – which is super out there but I know it definitely in style right now and a lot of people love it. This is called Peacock Earrings, they have just added that little touch with the little crystals there and I think this is super cute.













Next, we have this Choker and its called Gemma Choker of Price 2999 Rs – it has little studs going on the back and of perfect length. and it looks awesome when you wear and with other necklaces, very attractive, I am absolutely obsessed with them.







If you didn’t want to order something online or you don’t trust giving your credit card to some stranger online, for this Ak-collection offers cash on delivery and return policy. It’s totally safe and worth it.

Go check it out Ak_collection have amazing items.

Luxury Collection:

  • The Golden Burst
  • Indian Tradition
  • Diamond Obsession
  • The Monk
  • Eden’s Pearls


Shipping: World-Wide Delivery.

Delivery: Cash On Delivery.

Return Policy:

  1. Damaged Product.
  2. Rusted Product.
  3. Wrong Product.


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