PaniQ Room is an international escape room that has been opened up by Slider Zone in Bahria Town, Islamabad, near Green Valley. The international escape room that have been founded in 2012 in Hungary, provides an memorable experience. The main purpose of this escape room is to create new and innovative experiences, maintaining customer interest.

PaniQ also opened up in 2014 in the United States of America. Now, they are expanding in the States in Miami, Dallas, Phoenix, Chicago, New York, Houston, Silicon Valley and more.

The unique experience for players is when they are put into a plotted situation and they are supposed to work through it as a team. The team has to solve the plotted situation, which can be either a puzzles, mysteries, code breakers, clue searching, brain teasers, tangles and more. All the games are private and the situations are in a real life escape room with one hour time period that is allocated to the entire team, hence, the team members are supposed to work together.

People have been reviewing it as a pleasurable experience and that such activities are a big boost to the entertainment industry of Pakistan.

Planning a friends day out or a family outing or a corporate day out? PaniQ room gives an opportunity of creating memories with an experience. 
Proving yourself that you can beat a mental asylum trap, or a twisted mental hospital? All you need to do is work as a team for an hour and accomplish your mission, celebrate your achievement.
# The Red Wire Insane Asylum Jailbreak
Mon – Thu Fri – Sun Mon – Thu Fri – Sun Mon – Thu Fri – Sun
2-3 3 700 PKR / 4 000 PKR / 3 000 PKR / 3 500 PKR / 3 000 PKR / 3 500 PKR /
4-5 2 900 PKR / 3 200 PKR / 2 300 PKR / 2 700 PKR / 2 300 PKR / 2 700 PKR /
6-8 2 500 PKR / 2 800 PKR / 2 000 PKR / 2 400 PKR / 2 000 PKR / 2 400 PKR /



Sunday- Saturday : 11:30 am – 2:00 am

Javeria Fahad (30-10-19)