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Dhola by Aima Baig and Sahir Ali Bagga

Aima Baig and Sahir Ali Bagga duo has been trending since the past few Coke Studio Seasons now. It is not surprising anymore that the two will be a part of the Coke Studio journey and also performing together. The song was released on 19 November 2019 and has managed to get 3.709,597 YouTube views. […]

Chal Raha Hoon – Coke Studio Season 12

Chal Raha Hoon, as the name suggests means walking amid all the difficulties one comes across everyday. The perception of this song is much more than a song; a powerful yet motivational message for each and everyone going through trials and tribulations of this world. Whether you’re happy, sad, frowned, hopeful or in despair. STATISTICS […]

Billo – Coke Studio Season 12

In Coke Studio Season 12, Rohail Hayatt has brought another nostalgic song to life. Billo by Abrar ul Haq has broken records with 5.3 Million views on YouTube. The iconic Billo from the 90s by Abrar has made Pakistanis dance again. The lyrics are hilarious and with Coke Studio, the fusion song has made us relive […]

Wohi Khuda Hai- Coke Studio Season 12

Coke Studio Season 12 has made a phenomenal return with Rohail Hayatt as the producer, who is a former member of the band Vital Signs. Mr Hayatt has produced Coke Studio for six years before he backed off in 2013. Atif Aslam has always succeeded in winning the hearts of the audience in Pakistan. The […]

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